Best Ways to Get a House Price Down

Monday, June 13, 2016

Best Ways to Get a House Price Down

The housing market can be up and it can be down depending on where you are looking to move. However, when you consider the fact that people tend to get starry eyed when they find the perfect property, it only makes sense why some houses are able to command a bit more money. Instead of just throwing more money than you would like (which could be thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars at a house, why not try some of the most proven tricks to see if you can get the cost down just a bit before you buy?

Tips dan cara untuk mengurangkan harga rumah

Point Out Flaws
This can be a very tricky area because you don’t want to walk into a place where people have lived for years and tell them all of the things wrong. However, you also don’t need to tiptoe through a potential buy and act like everything is perfect. It isn’t. If the house was perfect, then the person wouldn’t be leaving.

What you can do is be honest with both yourself and the other party about what needs to be done. If the roof needs to be replaced or the flooring is going to need to have work done to it, then point all of them out and allow the other party to know you would like a discount because you are going to need to fix those items in addition to buying the property. If done gracefully then they won’t be offended and the worst that will happen is they can ignore you but it might give you some wiggle room in the bidding process.

Come in Low
Another common mistake buyers will make is to offer list price or not to at least haggle a little bit. If asking someone for a slight discount is uncomfortable, just remember they don’t set the final price; it’s what you both agree on that counts. By having the ability to bid on the house at a decreased amount then even if they counter they will still be closer than you started off at and you have probably shaved thousands of dollars off of the cost of the home just because you asked. It’s an insane idea that doesn’t work in many other forms of business, but if you just ask for a cheaper price then you can possibly get it down quickly.

Appeal to Their Kinder Side
One idea some people have is to ask for money off because you need help. It may not always be used and it may not always work, but if you can explain your situation (be it just starting a family, just getting a first time home, bringing a little one into the house, etc.), then you might be able to appeal to the seller’s kinder side and have some money off. It isn’t hard to just ask and you could see some fruitful results.

Have a Convenient Offer
While you want to save money on a given property and potential home buy, you can still present an offer that is more beneficial to the seller than others may be able (or willing) to do. For example, coming in with a cash offer means the deal will be closed quickly. Having no conditions could be a risky move, but if you are confident in the building then you could make the process much quicker. And even if you are preapproved, then you could absolutely be someone that the seller wants to work with. Remember that they do want to sell the house for a reason and the last thing that they want to do is sit around and let the house stay on the market. Anything you can do to show them you are serious and will close the deal quickly could have them drop the price.

Old Fashioned Negotiation
While pitting potential sellers and their homes against each other is a bold strategy, there are some individuals who try it. Without fully offering a formal bid on a home, you could conceivably find a few houses that you like pretty equally and then tell the sellers that you need a discount. If they are motivated sellers, then they could drop the price for fear of you going to the other house you like. And, even if they tell you to go away, you could continue to find an additional house for sale with PropertyGuru Malaysia and start the process all over again until you find the right home at the right price.

When it is all said and done there really isn’t a perfect house out there. The key is to find the house that brings you the most happiness, and to make sure that you don’t overpay for it either. After all, how can you truly be happy in a house if you are spending more money on it than it is worth or than you should have to?


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