Wednesday, April 13, 2011

no marriage. not now. maybe later.

what u feel if someday, a person ask u to marry him? ok. not the marry part. just engaged with him at the moment. what comes first in yr mind???what?what?
come on. tell me lah!

i did happen to know, from my readings, not remember when, but. if a man propose u and u agreed to marry him, u r automatically engaged to him eventhough u two not having proper majlis tunang. it is as simple as that. and a woman that in engaged phase, are HARAM dipinang oleh lelaki lain. tahu??

so for woman outside, please beware dengan ape yang kamu perkatakan. if your bf propose, then u say yes. but yr parents doesnt know about your relationship. and even worse, they had accept pinangan from other. then.who's to blame???

aku tau la korang cakap ."tape, boleh cancel ape yang pinangan tu. boleh cakap baik2 dengan parents". BUt like i said before, the HARAM things.

aha. gaye cakap macam nak mengajar orang!aku bukan nak mengajar ye!tade la. just want to share. sharing is caring kan?:)

oh.berbalik pada ape yang aku tnye tadi. what u suppose to feel ha??happy?if u r really love yr couples, n yr parents approve it.

unhappy???confuse??maybe some glitch happen?who know?

for me. i feel afraid actually. so. please. i maybe like fairytale. but i appreciate it if u dnt ask me anything bout marriage. coz i maybe turn u down. n maybe i'll make u leave me. unsatisfied with my answer?then. what yours?

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