Wednesday, March 16, 2011

betul ke ape yang aku buat ni?

smlm aku dah terbuat a "yes" decision. tak tau la if that will last forever .or.
putus di tgh jln.huh. dont knw why i accept that. karma says that i'm not ready.. jgn la aku tibe tibe terbuat hal plak nanti. after all. semua ni mungkin ada hikmah disebaliknya. may be i just have to wait until the truth come up. and also. kalau rasa tak sesuai.then ape boleh buat!jalan saja!

life never been so complicated. but we are the people that make it sooooo complex to see through it. may be i will not need love. when i dont see why i need it. but may be others need love. so. what is the win-win situation for us.come. u tell me.

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